12:15 PM


12:30 PM

Fashioning Representations of War
Moderator: Chris Raczkowski, University of South Alabama (English)

Daryl Palmer, Regis University (English)
“War After Agincourt: War, Memory, and Gender in Screen Versions of Shakespeare’s Henry V

Cris Hollingsworth, University of South Alabama (English)
“Re-figuring the Strangeness of War: Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, Gender, and the Memory of War in Caputo, O’Brien and Vonnegut”

Celia Kingsbury, University of Central Missouri (English)
“Fashion as Freedom: Cold War Propaganda and the Well-dressed Female Spy”

2:00 PM

Narratives, Grief and 21st C Warfare
Moderator: Joseph Currier, University of South Alabama (Psychology)

Steven Gardiner, Zayed University (Sociocultural Anthropology)
Angie Reed Garner, Artist and Independent Scholar

“Social Media and Social Memory: The Genderings(s) of Memory among U.S. Veterans of the American Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan”

Elham Atashi, Georgetown University (Conflict Analysis and Resolution)
“Afghanistan: Women between Past and Present”

Thomas G. Bowie, Jr., Regis University (English)
“Grief and Gender: A Story of Unfinished Lives”

3:30 PM

WW II and Memory
Moderator: Mara Kozelsky, University of South Alabama (History)

Adrienne Harris, Baylor University (Slavic Languages & Literatures)
“The Erasure of Zoia’s Tortured Body: Memory, Heroism, and the Soviet ‘Cult of World War II’”

Daniel Clayton, Regis University (International Studies)
“Whitewashing World War II Sexual Memory”

Amy Rutenberg, Appalachian State University (History)
“Citizen-Civilians: Deferments and Masculine Citizenship in World War II America”

5:00 PM

Memory, Trauma, and Gendered Identity in Literature of the Iraq War (Keynote Address)
Introduction: Doug Marshall, University of South Alabama (Sociology)

Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Haytock, SUNY-Brockport (English)

6:00 PM




9:00 AM

Gender, Commemoration and Agency
Moderator: Henry M. McKiven, University of South Alabama (History)

Stephanie Jones-Rogers, University of Iowa and Tulane University (History)
“‘These Negroes Are All the Property She Has’: White Slaveowning Women and the Pecuniary Destruction of Civil War”

Harriet E. Amos Doss, University of Alabama at Birmingham (History)
“Women and Men of the Lost Cause: Remembering the Past and Re-Shaping the Post-war South and Mobile”

Allison Finkelstein, University of Maryland (History)
“Banding Together: American Women's Organizations and Commemoration Through Community Service After the Great War”

10:30 AM

Visual Art and Memory
Moderator: Christina Lindeman, University of South Alabama (Art History)

Jennifer Wingate, St. Francis College (Art History & Criticism)
“In Dialogue: Soldiers and Mothers in World War I Memorial Sculpture”

Elizabeth Richards Rivenbark, University of South Alabama (Art History)
“Gendering: Mary Kelly’s Approach to Victimization by the Mass Media”

Deborah Deacon, Harrison Middleton University (Art History & Theory)
“Stitches of War: Women’s Commentaries on Conflict in Latin America”

1:30 PM

Masculinity and Film
Moderator: Becky McLaughlin, University of South Alabama (English)

Jessica Johnson, University of Queensland  (History)
“Mending Wounded Masculinity: Restoring Korean War Veterans’ Masculinity in American Culture”

Anna Zuschlag, Western University (History)
“Beat the Draft and Be a Man: The Selective Service System, Vietnam and New Left Masculinity on Film”

Stephanie Yuhl, College of the Holy Cross (History)
“‘Every Damn Hollywood Movie Got It Wrong’: Recasting American Masculinity and the Historical Memory of the American War in Vietnam through the Battle of Ia Drang”

3:00 PM

Hidden Warriors: Women on the Ho Chi Minh Trail (Film Screening)
Introduction: Harry Miller, University of South Alabama (History)

Director and Co-Producer: Karen Turner, College of the Holy Cross (History)

6:00 PM

Veterans Remember (Roundtable Discussion)
Introduction: Bob Coleman, University of South Alabama (Assistant Dean of A&S)
Moderator: Martha Jane Brazy, University of South Alabama (History)

Panelists: Deborah Deacon (Commander, U.S. Navy)
Linda Eleshuk Roybal (First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Corps of Engineer)
LaQuin Missouri (Petty Officer Second Class, U.S. Navy)
Verlitha Reiss (Specialist, U.S. Army)
Karma deGruy (Sergeant, U.S. Army)



9:00 AM

Fascism and Memory
Moderator: Dan Rogers, University of South Alabama (History)

Nicholas Steneck, Florida Southern College (History)
“Recycling Nazi Images?: Women in Early-Cold War West German Civil Defense Propaganda”

Daniel Acheson-Brown, Eastern New Mexico University (Political Science)
Elizabeth Self, Eastern New Mexico University (Psychology)

“Remembering Mussolini and Italian Fascism: The Hyper-Masculine Ideal”

Federico Ciavattone, Italian Society of Military History (History)
“War, Gender and Memory: The Case of the Italian Social Republic, 1943-1945”

10:30 AM

WW I and Memory
Moderator: Susan McCready, University of South Alabama (Foreign Languages and Lit)

Zachary Smith, Samford University (History)
“Arming the Neurasthenic Nation: Anglo Saxon Manhood and the Case for Military Preparedness, 1914-1917”

Pearl James, University of Kentucky (English)
“World War I Nurses in Narrative and Fiction”

Scott Emmert, University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley (English)
Steven Trout, University of South Alabama (English)
“Re-Gendering a ‘Literary Monument’ to the Great War: Richard Harding Davis and ‘The Man Who Had Everything’”

11:45 AM